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IMAF Philippines History

The Foundations of IMAFP were Planted as far back as 1997 when Grandmaster Remy Presas Instructed his former Student to organize with his old and new students and establish the International Modern Arnis Federation in the Philippines. The development process culminated in 2000, when GM Remy Presas inagurated the first IMAFP Board of Directors and officers.

Prof. Remy Presas inaugurates the IMAFP Board in 2000
During his 25 years in the United States. Remy returned several times to the philippines to develop the cadres whose sole purpose would be to build up Modern Arnis in the home country. The result is an entire generation of Filipinos – Young and old, including women and children – dedicated to the practice and promotion of Modern Arnis, as well as the preservation of and support for all Filipino martial Arts. The Grandmaster and father of modern Arnis had fulfilled his lifelong dream: to Bring the art back home to its people, at the same time when it enjoys the success of worldwide appreciation.

Modern Arnis & its Founder

Prof. Remy Amador Presas founded the Modern Arnis System in 1958 in hometown of Hinigaran, negros Occidental, Central Philippines. He start teaching Arnis and Judo in West Negros College in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. He was the trainer and coach in wrestling and judo at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos way back in 1968. He finished B.S in physical Education at the Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila (University of Manila)

He formed the Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines in 1972 before leaving for a global promotion of Arnis, entrusting the art to a student from his family circle to continue it in the Philippines. As the father of Modern Arnis and an ambassador of Filipino martial Arts to the U.S.A., he organized the International Modern Arnis Federation Inc. in June 1991 and received the Hall of Fame Award for the 3rd time. Prof Remy A Presas dreamed of Modern Arnis becoming the martial Art of the World before he retired and brought the art back to his homeland. The International Modern Arns Federation, Inc. Philippines (IMAFP) was founded by Grandnmaster Remy A. Presas in February 1999 in Manila before he passed away on August 28, 2001. To this day we still mourn the loss of a great teacher, fighter and father of Modern Arnis